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Dog Cognition Lab

Picture of a dog
Are you interested in learning more about your dog's behavior, personality, and thought processes? We are! The Dog Behavior Project conducts non-invasive behavioral experiments to try to answer these questions. We are always searching for new dogs to join our research team. Participation in our experiments will benefit your dog by providing a fun and stimulating environment (and of course, edible treats!) Also, spending time with your dog outside of the home is a great way to strengthen your pet-owner bond.

We are always looking for dog volunteers - young or old, pure breeds or mixes - to participate in our studies. If you are interested or would like to request more information, please click HERE.

General Information

First, we love dogs! It is very important to us that your dog enjoys visiting the lab. We only use positive reinforcement (i.e. treats, toys, verbal praise) and maintain a very upbeat and friendly atmosphere. We want this experience to benefit you and your dog.

Who can participate? We welcome all breeds, ages and training levels!

Time investment? This depends on the particular study and how much time you and your dog would want to invest. Most of our studies require a single 30-60 min session. Some studies require regular weekly visits.

Contact Information

Lauren Highfill, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology, Eckerd College