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The Role of the Modern Zoo Class

In recent years, zoos and aquariums have been subjected to much criticism.  However, many people believe that zoos play a vital role in education and conservation.  Prof. Highfill offers a course which examines the role of the modern zoo in these efforts.  During the spring semester, students examine local zoo facilities around Tampa Bay.  This includes a two-day intensive program at Busch Gardens Tampa where students meet with zoo staff, researchers, and conservationists.  Students even work for a morning as a zookeeper!  The course culminates with a travel component outside of Tampa Bay.  In 2017, we traveled to London and Edinburgh.  In 2019, we traveled to the Pacific Northwest.  The ultimate goal of this course is to come away with a better understanding of the role of the modern zoo. 

zoo class pic
Role of the Modern Zoo Class at Edinburgh Zoo, Spring 2017

photo of group
Role of the Modern Zoo Class at NW Trek, Spring 2019