Current Projects

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Multi-Access Puzzle Box and Dog Personality 

This study compares rater personality results from dog owners and daycare staff and compares it to the results of the novel object test. Additionally the study hopes to evaluate the ability of dogs to solve a puzzle task in relation to their personality types. 

Orangutan Behavior Project

In collaboration with ZooTampa at Lowry Park and Dr. Bransford, we are examining the effects of enrichment and keeper interactions on orangutan behavior. 

Canine Experimental Video Enrichment (CEVE)

In collaboration with Dr. Kelley Winship at the US Navy Marine Mammal Program and the National Marine Mammal Foundation, we are training a dog to participate in a cursor game.  You can see our dog participant, Orlo, in action on his Instragram page: @orlo_thedapperscrapper

The Parrot Cognition Project

We are working with a local Saint Petersburg couple, Dalton Mason and Tori Lacey, and their African Grey Parrot, Apollo, following the "model-rival" technique established by Dr. Irene Pepperberg. 

Animal Shelter Volunteering and Dog Training 

This study is looking into what effects an on campus dog training class and animal shelter volunteering has on the bond between the dog and owner as well as owner stress and anxiety levels.

Squirrel Cognition 

This study looks in to the ability of on campus squirrels to solve a puzzle task through foraging cognition. 

PC: Hailey McGovern